Sunday, January 3, 2010

Once more.... WITH PICTURES! ( VERY pic heavy)

Hey Everyone! I got a camera! Now I can show you some of what I am actually doing around here. I was really impressed at how well the pictures turned out. Albeit some of them are still a bit fuzzy but I assure you that is the fault of the operator not the equipment.

The new carrying case:

The new army:

Tom the Psyker:

Tim the Almost Sanctioned Psyker:

Next I want to show you some of the highlights of what I have been working on:

These two are models in the force shown above that I thought really turned out well.

The one on the left is part of my "assault" squad and is carrying a combat shotgun and a demo pack. The guy on the right .... wasn't really supposed to come out so "Gomer Pyleish" but has become one of my most favorite models. There is a great picture of a Catachan soldier in the IG codex that is holding a grenade launcher in one hand that I just had to try. However, when I did it, he was either shooting you in the foot or in the face. I figured the face was the more effective of the two poses and then I modeled him telling you about it.

Here is another shot of the assault vet with a better angle on the demo pack and shotgun.
The shotgun is just a standard lasgun with the aiming gubbins and the barrell shaved off. The demo charge is a trimmed down Cadian flamer fuel tank with a vox caster glued to the facing. I found it to be a simple yet effective conversion.

Finally, I want to show you a few of the models that I have finished but haven't made it into the army yet.

My grizzled commander w/power sword and sniper Dave
I was really pleased with how well these two came out as far as detail is concerned. Not sure how often they will see the battlefield considering that A) I want to be a mobile force and B) a power weapon on an Iggy is as useful as a screen-door on a submarine

My Astropath and Master of Ordinance

These two are my favorite GW sculpts to date. The Astropath is such a simple model but has some great opportunities for fabric detail and the Master has so many bits and buttons to him you cant help but want to go through and pick them out.

Well there you have it. I plan to be a lot more detailed in my posting from here on out. Let me know what you think. Comments and criticisms are always welcome.

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