Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The two day painting challange: Zombie!

In the constant battle to stave off panic attacks and clinical depression I have decided to turn myself over to a painting challenge. As I don't have much time during the week I will keep it simple at first. 2 minis a week and then a big project on the weekend. I figure I can build/prime one day then paint/quickshade the next. Also, I was able to paint a little this weekend so I have some Warhammer Fantasy Battles test models that I can use to hedge my bets. First up... the Zombie!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh thank goodness!

As you are all well aware by now Games Workshop is releasing its 8th iteration of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles game ( Got my copy on pre-order =-D ). As such they have a whole slew of new fancy-schmancy gaming aids out there. Look intimidating? Well worry not! They have instructional videos that help walk you through the fine details. All I have to say is thank Sigmar that they translated it into so many different languages! I don't know how I would ever have figured it out if they hadn't taken the time to produce an English version. (watch the last link and you'll see what I mean)