Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From the Work Bench II

Hey all,
What with the tournament and all coming up I have been feeling a very Iggy vibe as of late. So much so its caused me to table my orks and paint completely irrelevant things. How fun is that?!

First we have a Commissar Lord with power fist

The more I work on "power" weapons the more I like giving them effects. All of the fluff that I read nowadays makes these types of weapons pretty special deals. I think of them as Light Sabers from the Star Wars franchise, each one of them has their own feel unique to their owners. This one is "Magma". A fiery fist for a fiery sermon.

Following up on the fire theme I also tried my hand at some freehand flames

This is going to be for a Hellhound (shock) that I eventually want to knock together. I doubt I will be able to get it all prepped and ready to go by the time of the tourney but I should have it done shortly thereafter. Unfortunately you cant see it too well in the picture but the flames have a pretty nice blending effect going on (Thank you Ron)

All in all I think they both turned out pretty well for a trial run. As always tips, tricks and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.


  1. Flames are pretty sweet. Flaming skulls would be even sweeter.

  2. Yeah, I am not at the flaming skull skill level yet. I couldn't come up with a way of adding blood or belt feeding either :(