Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Food for thought... is it worth the time?

Look at this

Beautiful isn't it? I told him as much and am now a devout follower of this site. It also got me thinking about how I am wanting to customize my own models.

At first glance I thought "Man that thing is big, it looks longer than the LRs that I have seen." Then I started thinking "Man that thing is big, I bet he could get an extra 1 or 2" on his assault envelope with that thing."

Now I know that wasn't the artist's intention. They saw a cool tank, they built a cool tank, done and done. However, I wonder if they catch any flak from opponents by bringing something that isn't "regulation". This also makes me wonder if, with my models, it will cause any tension when I go out and about.

With Orks its a little different, they are supposed to be bodged together with string and hope but now that there are updated, standardized versions of trukks and wagons from GW on the market should I even bother? YES I have the right to express myself and YES its only a game and I play in a basement league with friends but I want to expand my horizons eventually. I would like to have a 1.5K army for all 3 of my factions ( IG, Ork and Chaos) that I can pick up and play anywhere I get the itch too.

I guess it all comes down to weather I want to invest the time. Yeah most people won't care as long as it isn't something SUPER outrageous but all it takes is one guy to raise a ruckus to throw everyone's day down the chute. I just don't know if I have the time/money/resources to make 2 of every model just to satisfy my vanity. Food for thought...


  1. I say make a Trukk out of a full sized Toyota pick-up. The assault range on that puppy will be bigger than the table!

  2. I would hate breaking that down into 4 ft chunks to get in the basement :(

  3. I say build what you want to play with. Then find willing opponents.

    I wouldn't do it the other way around. If you do, your army will always be at the mercy of what someone else thinks or wants.

  4. Can I get an 'Ave Emperor' for Brother Ron.

    Build what you want and can concieve. Play what you can.

  5. That's right. Never let another person dictate your choices.

  6. Here are the criteria I use:
    1) Is it cool?
    2) Does it make sense?
    If you meet both 1 and 2, then go for it. If your Ork battlewagon is covered in enough weapons to meet the rules requirements and is big enough to accommodate the transport capacity (ie no inch long matchbox trucks), then who cares? Go to town and make something cool. Granted, there is a threshold of "too big" so build sensibly, but otherwise, do what makes you happy, man.