Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dreading the Dread

The other day I found this

All the net is a-twitter about these new images from GW for their 2010 line-up. Speculation is that its the new Ork Dread. The URL for the picture stated as much when they were first released. Now, I am going to start up on my own Waaaaagh here soon and this new pic got me thinking... do the orks really need a new Dread design? Personally, I think not.

Way back in the way back when I picked up Warhammer 40K I chose Orks as my first army ( I miss them so :( ) because they were sloppy. I came into the hobby with no experience and I wanted a scapegoat just in case my first forays were less than desirable. However, after I got further into the Ork culture I found that it wasn't just an artistic choice... its a lifestyle.

Check this out
Now look at this

Which seems more orky to you? Yeah they both look orky but to me the tater titan seems built by orks while the stompa seems to be made to look like it was built by orks.

Going back to my own personal experience, after I built my first few models I realized that I wouldn't have near enough boyz to make a "'roit proppa Waaagh" so I went out and bought Gorkamorka. Within these pages the GW staff had created a plethora of custom buggies. Not a single one was the same. Hell, they didn't even look like the trukks that came in the boxed set. It was then and there that I realized that if you wanted to make orks look orky you have to do it yourself.

Now I will admit that I bought some of the new trukks and a battle wagon. It was a moment of weakness, I wanted to get my army up and running as soon as possible ( Assault on Black Reach anyone?). They look cool, I will give them that, but they just don't feel orky to me. As soon as I can, I am going to whip up some plasticard trukks and I already have a junked up Land Raider that I am going to make into a wagon.

My suggestion, if GW were to ever read this, would be that they give us a frame, some pre cut plasticard squares and a bag of odds and ends. Let us build our own stuff so we can get more of this and less of this

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  1. The Mr. Potato Head was awesome. I do think it's an unfair comparison because no one is going to top a giant orky Mr. Potato Head.