Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The two day painting challange: Wratih!

Alrighty, for today's painting challenge I give you my Carin Wraith and show you an update on the corpse cart

Here are the paints that I used:
Midnight Blue
Ultra-Marines Blue
Ice Blue
Liche Purple
Skull White
Asurmen Blue Wash
Leviathan Purple Wash

I am still on the fence on how well this guy came out. I tried something new with him and I don't think it paid off. Some of the textures are nice, like certain areas near the cloak but he doesn't give off the ethereal, haunted spirit look that I am going for. More than likely he'll end up in the simple green to get re-done at a later date. I have a new idea for how to do the ghostly bits that I am trying out on the Carin Wraith that comes with the corpse cart so we shall see how that turns out.

Speaking of the Corpse Cart:

I couldn't stand not having a wash on this thing anymore so I broke down and threw some Devlin mud around. I am much happier with how its looking now. Although it brought out some areas that I had missed entirely (I guess that's a good thing overall). I think next I am going to throw some ogryn flesh wash on the metal to try and tarnish that some and then get the lighting effects done for the lodestone assembly.

As always, questions, comments and criticisms are always welcome

Have a good one,


  1. Looking smeksy, sir. Though, your ability to capture rotting flesh and blood so well concerns me. I think I'm bring a switchblade to our next game night.

  2. Much gratitude! Its all just the Rotting Flesh GW color and mud wash. Mother nature does the rest.

  3. No one does death like mother nature.