Friday, July 16, 2010

Two day painting challange: Ork!

Here we are, back in the saddle again. I have for you today a Space Ork.

This is what I call a "Water Color" Ork. The intention is to make him as detailed as my imperial guard with the ease and small palate of an old style skeleton warrior. I feel that if I can somehow perfect this technique I can crank out hordes of Orks in no time at all.

The color palate for this guy is as follows:
White Primer
Tausept Ocre
Boltgun Metal
Chaos Black
Blood Red
Skull White (if you are unlucky)
Thrakka Green Wash
Devlin Mud Wash
Baal Red Wash

As you can tell this model is very wash reliant. Any skin and cloth is done with either the Thrakka Green or Devlin Mud. Detailing is really a non issue if you can get it to work for you though. One thing that you do have to look out for, however, is making sure you don't get the "real" colors onto your white "wash" areas. Otherwise you will have to come back through with Skull White and perform touch up work.
Lastly, give this guy a good chance to dry before hitting him with your quickshade. These colors take time to settle and you may need to do some touch up work before putting on that varnish.

As always, questions, comments and criticisms are always welcome

Have a good one,

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  1. I saw this model in person and it turned out really well. Using washes for leather and skin gives them a very realistic appearance.