Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The two day painting challange: Storm Trooper

Hello all,

Just chiming in with my latest painted miniature the Storm Trooper.

I must admit I was quite surprised at the amount of detail that was on this guy. It seemed like every time that I thought I was done I'd find some little piece of tech that I needed to flush out. All in all I really enjoyed painting him.

I wanted something different from my usual rank and file ( seeing as how hes a Storm Trooper and all ) so I went with a black/red color scheme. I was thinking of doing a white/black scheme with him being an Imperial Storm Trooper but after a 2nd look at the armor he had I decided to do my own thing.

Here are the paints that I used:

Scab Red
Blood Red
Boltgun Metal
Chaos Black
Goblin Green
Tausept Ochre
Scorched Brown
Moth Green ( vallejo )
Ancient Bronze ( vallejo )
Blackened Steel ( vallejo )
Baal Red Wash
Ogryn Flesh Wash

As always, questions, comments and criticisms are always welcome

Have a good one,


  1. Your level of detail is fantastic! Can't wait to see it in RL

  2. Thanks much =). He and his comrades will be deep-striking in to deliver hawt STR 3 AP 3 Lasgun action soon.

  3. I like the red. Black and white just wouldn't have done all those details justice. Plus the red will contrast with your green army and make them stand out nicely.

  4. Yeah, I thought so too. I guess I will have to hold out to see if I can make my Imperial Guard A team to fill my need for pop culture references from my youth.

  5. Nice looking trooper mate, kudos.

  6. Many thanks Col. Corbane! Its good to see you on the blog.