Monday, July 12, 2010

The two day painting challange: Big Project Status Update

Holy crap I changed the format! Forgot that I did that... heh heh.

Anyway, I have some new pictures to show you of what should have been my Thursday painting challenge post (sorry about that) and the completion of my corpse cart! WHOO HOO!

First off the corpse cart:

All that I need to do now is just glue the Wraith to the cart and I am good to quickshade/base. This has been, without a doubt, one of the hardest projects that I have ever attempted. When I do another in the future I am SOOOO painting the individual pieces before sticking them together. You can't imagine how many nooks and crannies you get once you get those bodies on the cart.

Here is the paint list I used:

Grey Primer
Rotting Flesh
Codex Grey
Scorched brown
Bleached Bone
Scab Red
Blood Red
Tausept Ocre
Elf Flesh
Yellow Green ( vallejo )
Moth Green ( vallejo )
Baal Red Wash
Devlin Mud Wash
Gryphonne Sepia Wash
Ice Blue ( Carin Wraith )
White Primer ( Carin Wraith )
Asurmen Blue Wash ( Carin Wraith )
Leviathan Purple Wash ( Carin Wraith )

Now moving from the hardest model I have ever done to the easiest model(s) that I have ever done. I give you THE SKELETONS!

The one on the right is the "old" style skellie ( that they still sell in booster packs ) and the one on the left is the "new" skellie that came with the boxed set. As you can see the right one is significantly larger than the left which, in the beginning, caused me no end of heartache

This guy is TINY and as it so happens the 2nd attempt at painting the new style. I attempted a whole company using the Skeleton Bone primer from Army Painter. A word to the wise, that stuff is THICK! I was careless in the application and I swear I was going to field and army of marshmallow warriors. All of the definition was gone from the ribs/skull, it was not a pretty sight. Simple Green couldn't even dent that stuff either. I started scrubbing with a soft bristle brush after a few days soak and I just ended up with a hand-full of plastic mush, none survived. Oh well, live and learn.

The paint list that I used for this model is as follows:

White Primer
Scorched brown
Devlin Mud Wash

... yup it was as simple as that. White primer, paint the metal/wood, wash in mud, quickshade... BAM skeleton warrior. There is only one thing more simple than that... OLD SKELETON WARRIORS!

I didnt even use wash on this guy, it was just like they show on the website. Took me all of 10 min. if that. All of the shading that you see here is from the actual Quickshade. I use soft tone by the way. I find the subtle shading effect it gives better suits my style.

The paint list that I used for this model is as follows:

Army Painter Skeleton Bone Primer
Blood Red
Scorched Brown

Finally, I couldn't have done this without the love/support of my two War-hounds:

Matilda, Eater of Things

and Pugsy, Destroyer of Gummy Bears
... seriously, he ate 3 lbs of Gummy Bears once. It was disgusting.

As always, questions, comments and criticisms are always welcome

Have a good one,


  1. I'd be proud to have that cart haul my corpse any day. And when I become a skeleton warrior I want you to shade my ribcage. I want some definition when I'm posing for my skeleton ladies.

  2. You got it bud, I will be sure to dip your bones in shea butter before leaving them in the sun to bleach.