Friday, October 23, 2009

Two for Two

Gah! They had me working again! No real time to post but here is the 500 Pt army I was telling you about:

Big Mek w/Shokk Attack Gun
Deff Dread w/2 CC arms and 2 Skorchas -> counts as troop w/Mek
Looted Wagon w/boomgun & 'ard case
24 boyz w/sluggas and choppas
- 1 boy w/big shoota
- 1 Nob with Power Klaw, shoota, heavy armor and bosspole

500 pts. on the nose

Played this army in a 1000 pt team game with Eldar against CSM and Tau and it faired pretty well. However, the deployment was spearhead and I held everything in reserve so my opponents were in prime position for me to strike. Not 100% sure how good it would go on a 1 vs. 1 but its fun none the less. Plenty of strong template action and wacky randomness and even though I took some casualties my boyz got off 51 (FIFTY ONE!) close combat attacks. I will try to get the other army lists and some highlights posted soon


  1. Indeed a fun night, sir. I played my Eldar, and the list of win was (if I remember correctly):
    1 Avatar
    4 Dire Avengers +1 Exarch w/ Shimmer Shield
    10 Storm Guardians +1 Lock with Enhance
    5 Pathfinders

    I was going for an infantry list that I've read a lot of strategy on. Unfortunately, I didn't get a real chance to run it correctly due to reserve rolls not working in my favor. But we slaughtered them, regardless.

  2. looks good but I thought I'd note that the dread cant hold an objective b/c its a vehicle. its a common misconception ppl have with the big mek rule. (jusssst in case)


  3. No kidding? I thought with that rule you get all the benefits of troops AND the unit you chose. Is that the same way with the Warboss/NOB rule?

  4. it says explicity in the rule book that vehicles can never hold an objective (score)

    Nobz can b/c they're infantry troops and not a vehicle.