Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Successful Weekend

Hello all!

Just chiming in to say that I had another successful "weekend" in modeling. I finished up some bits on a looted Ork Leman Russ, got my 1st of 3 chimeras done and and tested how the soft tone Quickshade would look on said Chimery and one of my "finished" Iggy minis. Short answer, they look great. Long answer, I am going to spend alot of time coating and re basing my Iggys :s

In other news, I am going to try to set up a gallery or something of the sort for my minis on the blog here. While I couldn't ask for anything more simple to use for blogging it seems that every time I get the photos in reformatting the text can be a real chore. I am rather new to this though so please bear with me.

Finally, check out Lantz's blog for some neat conversions (if he has it posted yet). That guy has some very tiny magnets and knows how to use them

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