Monday, October 5, 2009

Now for a little eye candy

Now that you know a little bit about me let me show you a little of what I do:

Thanks to Lantz over @ Las One Standing for the use of his nifty camera phone

The Econo Russ:

My bare bones Leman Russ, I could never wrap my head around the numbering conventions for the Imperial Guard so I just throw the units value on there so I know exactly how many points of sad I should be when they blow up.

The Assult Squad:

2 Regular Flamers + 1 Heavy Flamer + Power Fist + Shotguns + Demolitions = explosive short range fun for the whole family! Note that the shotguns are just lasguns with the barrel and sights shaved off of them. Thanks to my friend Sterling for that great idea.

Command Squad Auxiliaries:

These are the guys that I usually run with my command squad. I have used my most "advanced" painting techniques on these guys to help them stand out. I will try to get some more individual shots soon.

Sniper Dave:

This is Sniper Dave (as seen above). Check out that swanky cammo pattern eh? Too bad we fight on a grey wasteland of a moon so he stands out like a sore thumb :( .

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