Thursday, February 24, 2011

I attack the darkness!

I'm a triple threat now. I play Warhammer, WarMachine AND D&D

So it shouldn't be a huge surprise that I fell into this brand of escapism as well and where there are tabletops there are minis and where there are minis there are paintin's to be had. Lets take a look shall we?

This is Lowgrey Stormborn, born Thunk Flintstrike a level 3 Gnome Barbarian. He's been hit by lightning and thinks he is the son of Kord the god of thunder and seas. He is also known as Wolfhelm, Wyrmrider, Dragon Slayer and Orc-bane. 

To make him I took a Dwarf Berserker model from the Mage Knight and then took a hammer head from some random Orc of the same model line and glued em together and slapped some paint on him. He took me about 2 gaming sessions w/a little time after for small detail work.  Army Painter: Quickshade did the rest. 

I have just read over this post and I feel about this cool:

I'm +1 to awesome
Finally, I must have had a thumb print on my lens when I was taking pictures because the first few looked like they were from a bad 80's porn. So here you go, Lowgrey Stormborn coming out of the pool ready for some lovin'.

Ooooh baby....

As always, have a good one.



  1. To deny he's the son of a God is to have a hammer smashed in your face.

    Tokk the Unholy could still take him... =P

  2. I like how you defined his rippling abs and pecs. Very sexy. I can see you thoroughly worked them over.

  3. P.S. That dude makes Captain N the Gamemaster look cool. . . and that's not easy.