Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If you are reading this..... you are part of the underground

Psst... hey over here

Ok I think I have maybe 5 to 10 minutes before a dog eats something that it shouldn't and I have to save its life, stop the cat from destroying something valuable or get something up high for my wife so I can move it to another location up high that she can't reach.

The story thus far

While I have been away due to life I haven't forgotten my duties to the plastic crack. Here's whats been going on ( in chronological order as best as I can remember it)

1) Ice Station Lemon pointed out to me a nifty army variation from Imperial Armor 7:  The Servants of Contagion
- I cheated a little bit and checked on scribd.com/Army Builder and found, what appeared to be, an interesting mix of 4th and 5th ed guard with a little Nurgle for flavor

2) Purchased the Protectorate of Menoth starter box, the Harbinger of Menoth and a Castigator
- I got it all for $75 bucks I couldn't turn that down

3) Chaos Darrell and I are going to join a 1250pt. team game over at the FLGS
- Nurgle-licious CSM and Chaos Deamons, together again for the very first time.

4) Found out that Army Builder really wasn't telling the truth about what I could take from that army list mentioned in #1 ( Mainly any of the special characters or vehicles )
- Well poop

Proof.. you want proof?!

Here is a flamethrower steam-punk robo-ma-tron from the box set listed from #2


Well thats all I got for now. I should have some in process work for my Nurgle CSM worth posting here in a few days. 

Have a good one,

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  1. That warjack looks ready to throw some flame or to flail something. Maybe both, because he lives by his own rules.