Thursday, November 11, 2010

WiP: Rhino

Hey everyone! Just chiming in with a few shots of a Rhino I am trying to knock together.

Its been a while since my last post and that's because, quite frankly, I was burnt out. I had just bitten off way more than I could chew and all the projects stacking up around me was really getting me down. Then Chaos Tad came to me with something that really turned me around. Apparently, in Imperial Armor # 7 they have an army list that's built specifically for me: The Servants of Decay.

From what I have read so far think 4th ed Imp. Guard rules with 5th ed tanks/equipment and just a pinch of chaos thrown in for flavor. You can field regular imp guard and plague marines side by side as well as run around in rhinos and chimeras. PLUS, and this is what got me really excited, there is options for plague zombies! In a nutshell, I can use models from 3 different armies ( including Warhammer Fantasy Battles ) to complete a working army! You cant beat a deal like that with a stick.

Looking through the prints that they had in the book I found a color scheme that was this bone colored/rusty look. I had a spare primed rhino laying around so I thought I would give it a shot:

Please keep in mind that these are still works in progress and I still have a lot of detailing left. I got this far with the Skeleton Bone primer from Army Painter (that stuff is a godsend). After the base coat went down I just started going over the model with Gryphonne Sepia until I got the desired tone of ick. I left the recesses and exhaust vents untouched ( for now ) just to break up the model a little bit. The spore node/pus sack/conversation starters are all made w/green stuff and painted with a base of Dark Angels Green followed by Catachan Green. The free-hand fly is Gore Red and Blood red for the eyes and the wings are golden and sunburst yellow. The Metals are Ancient Bronze from the Vallejo line with a Scorched Brown undercoat.

I still need to get the rest of the metals flushed out and maybe work on that Nurgle icon some more. I got a new yellow yesterday ( whose name currently escapes me) that I think will fit in better with the color scheme. After that its some line highlighting followed by weathering and then adding the "pollen" from the nodes.

As always I appreciate any questions/comments/criticisms you may have.

Have a good one


  1. Awesome, look forward to seeing the Servants of Decay shape up! I think that's one of the cooler lists out there, and doing one myself is on the ol' project list for...someday. Troopers, plague marines, zombies, skaven as mutants, rat ogres for plague ogryn. Filthy pestilent goodness. :-)

    Forge World has released the more generic renegades from IA5 as a PDF (along with the Krieg list too), and hopefully they'll get around to releasing the ones from IA6 (Khorne) and IA7 online also.

  2. Ooooh, I handn't thought of using skaven/Rat Ogres as Mutants/Ogryns... you know, why stop there? Lizardmen and Beastmen of chaos would work really well too. Throw some shaman/priests in there for rogue psykers and you have quite the mix. Thank you for the idea(s)!

  3. Welcome to Papa Nurgle's team :)

  4. I love the fantasy additions suggested and I LOVE the Spider Man comic art! It makes my eyes misty to see Spider Man and Chaos combined. Two tastes that taste great together.

  5. @ Mr.Esty
    Its great to be here, what with PPN's great track record, positive outlook, and chances for advancement I just couldnt turn the offer down.

    @IceStation Lemon
    Yeah, I thought you would like that. Although, I see Super Skrull being the epitome of chaos.