Saturday, November 13, 2010

WiP: Rhino part II weathering and source lighting

Hello again! Back with another post on the Rhino that I was working on. I have made quite a bit of progress and am almost finished but there is something I need your opinion on.

Fist off, let me show you the progress thus far:

As you can see I really went to town with the weathering details. I figured if it was going to be a true chariot of Nurgle I needed to beat the mother loving emperor out of it. To do so I turned to who I believe are some real professional artists The Painting Corps.  Their tank weathering tutorial(s) are top notch.

Overall I am pleased as punch at how it turned out. It was really quick and easy too. Working with washes and dry-brush/stipple techniques are my new favorite thing.  Here is a side by side of my two Flu Hoopties:

Flu Hoopties!

In the end I think I will re do the one on the right to match the color scheme but for now I think the goobers covering the both of them tie the project together enough that it isn't that big of a deal. 

The ONE thing that I am not 100% on is the source lighting . I dig the concept of red light pouring out of a possessed machine but something in the execution just isn't hitting me right. I would really like your input on whether I should keep it, scrap it, or do even more with it. At this point I think I could re do those sections with very little to no trouble at all so don't hold anything back. 

Especially now your comments, questions and concerns are more than welcome.

Have a good one, 


  1. To me it looks more like rust than red light. Maybe if the color was a little more sharper and less dull it would look more like light. I know you want it to be a sickly red, but maybe some brighter highlights toward the center would make it more light like.

  2. If you're looking for red light to be coming out of the lights, vents and what have you, I would suggest trying to mix whatever color you were making the chasis of the rhino and some watered down red ontop for the lighting effect. Only the source of the light should be the bright pure red.. at least that's what my thoughts on the matter are.

  3. Diggin' the fungus and the rust together. Looks even better in person.