Friday, September 10, 2010

From the Work Bench: A crappy wall and a pump house!

Hey all!
Those that know me would call me impulsive, or possibly a spaz. I cant argue, I flit from project to project like a leaf on the wind. Take the examples below as proof.

So do to my FABULOUS schedule I got a differed holiday today. I was planning to do a boatload of chores but the weather was rainy and the Veterinarian and dog grooming salon didn't have any spots available for my war pugs so I bummed around the local hobby stores.

Amidst the swatches of felt and odd Styrofoam Halloween decorations I found that they had a sale on foam-board. Thats all I needed to get me going! I picked up a prime sheet, some additional cutting utensils and went to town and made this wall....

... which looks like boiled crap....

So that discouraged me from pursuing the lifestyle of a professional foam-board sculptor (for now) but I still had the bug. So I dug around my bits bins and came up with this!

It still doesn't look so hot but I figured what the heck. I can always eat more cashews, use straws and stave off the onset of heart-worms again if I really felt the need to.

Thats all I got for now. If you want to comment or suggest improvements to my... um ... things please do! Until then...

Have a good one


  1. I find your crappy wall quite endearing, sir.

  2. yeah, I think there are some things that I can do to polish it up a little. I will try to do that after game night tonight

  3. I think crappy walls are perfect for ruins. Who's ever heard of ruins with nice walls?