Monday, October 4, 2010

Special Mission Variant

Good Morning,

So I was watching Inglorious Bastards (the original one) and I got an idea for a special mission type.

At first I felt all clever for coming up with this all by myself. However, after a look through the Battle Missions book I found that there is a very similar mission (almost identical) in the Space Marines section. Don't you hate it when that happens? Well, I am going to post it anyway for those of you that weren't interested in picking up the battle mission book.

The Setup:

In the movie the Inglorious Bastards had to steal a V2 rocket guidance system from a very heavily guarded science train. With the help of the French underground they posed as Nazi scientists, got onto the train, sabotaged the internal defenses, and then ran off with the part.

In my mission the planetary invasion has hit a stalemate. Resistance was much more fierce than originally expected and both sides have been stretched to the limit on resources and manpower. As the defender you have been chosen by high command to deliver a very special resource ( be it people, bullets, food, stickers, whatever). A standard cargo carrier just won't do, you need military grade transport and professional protection.

While your mission has been going swimmingly so far your transport mysteriously shuts down. Weapon systems, drive train, everything is dead. In the distance you hear war cries of the enemy. Dig in! ITS AN AMBUSH!


Just as in the Space Marines All-Around Defense the defenders set up in the center of the table. Take one of your transports and use it as your objective. You get 12" around that vehicle to set up.

You get the rest of the board! Aren't you lucky? Give the defender a good 6" buffer around their 12"

The Objective:

The attackers need to either A) Kill/force off the force defending the immobile transport or B) Embark into the transport using the standard rules listed in the 40k rule book

Defenders need to keep the transport for a min. of 5 turns. Additional turns are determined as normal per the 40K rulebook.

The Special Rules:

Out-manned and out-gunned

Seeing as how the invading force (the defender) has cut off all off world supplies to the underground (the attackers) they have the advantage of having more units. To represent this the defender gets twice as many points as the attacker. So if the attacker has 500 pts. the defender will have 1,000.

We just don't have the resources

As stated before, things are hard going for both sides. While everyone would like you to drive to the destination with Land Raider roller skates you just don't have the resources. To represent this there are to be no vehicles( dedicated transports or otherwise ) on the board. One exception would be walkers (Dreadnoughts, Sentinels, and the like). The rest of are going to have to foot slog it.

An inside job

The resistance has been planning for months to get their hands on this wonderful Maguffin and they couldn't do it alone. To represent the resistance infiltrating the off world invaders the attacker looks at the defenders army list and picks 1(one) non HQ unit from that list and writes this unit down on a piece of paper. Once game-play begins, roll for reserves as normal. On a successful reserves roll that unit falls under the control of the attacking player. The attacker may not place any other units in reserve.

My best men

This is an important mission to everyone involved. To represent this you may substitute Elite Choices for Troop choices. In addition to this, the defender can choose one (1) unit that the Attacker may not claim with the "An inside job" rule.

The Cavalry is Coming

The convoy managed to get one radio call off before everything hit the fan. Central command has dispatched a fast response group to help. To represent this the defender can place one (1) unit of fast attack in reserve. This unit does not have the "We just don't have the resources" special rule

Final Thoughts:

I know the extra rules make it look pretty daunting but once you get a game under your belt they go pretty fast. Also, as you can probably tell already, this is NOT a competitive game. We really didn't play for balance but tried to replicate a movie-like setting and overall it was pretty fun.

As with anything I do I really appreciate your feedback. If you have any further questions or comments please drop me a line or comment below.

Have a Good One!

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  1. I feel the game plays better if you imagine that there are cookies in the transport. Everyone loves cookies.

    On a serious note I would consider implementing the rule where the attacker cannot assault on the first turn.