Monday, November 2, 2009

Chaos Poll Dance

Hey Everyone,
I, like most of you out there, have multiple armies. I currently have 2, Ork and Iggys, and am thinking of doing one more. I have a couple of reasons behind this:

1) I am getting a little tired of horde armies
2) I have heard wonderful things about armor saves and am dying to try some
3) I want an army that I can really focus on all that I have learned painting wise from these hordes

Therefore, I have decided to go down the path of Chaos for a couple of reasons:

1) I think the visual styling on this army is just fantastic
2) Plenty of chances for customization / greenstuff work with mutations
3) You cant throw a rock in my gaming group without hitting a space marine

While this is going to be a LONG way away ( I only have one Ork painted ) I want to get the planning done and out of the way so I can hit the ground running. The other day I was reading through my friend Tad's ( a CSM player) codex and was surprised to find out that CSM on the whole worship the Chaos gods equally. I thought you had to pick a god and run with it. This changed things for me quite a bit because originally I was going to run a Nurgle only army.

I like the idea of very tough troops and FNP. However, this would be really expensive to put together. The Plague Marine troops from GW are metal and cost the same as the standard plastic CSMs and you only get 7 with 1 plasma gun. Now I could just get the standard CSM and order the Death Guard resin conversions from Forge World but that would raise the cost exponentially. To get the army that I would want to feild would cost over 400 dollars. Which I understand is part of the hobby but I could spend about 100 dollars less, get the strike force and battle force boxed sets and get so much more in the way of troops and vehicles.

So I am in a pickle. Which army to choose? Should I go with a deity or play vanilla with chunks of deity mixed in? I like the fluff for all of them really so I am not partial ( sorry Grampy Nurgle) .

This is where you come in. You will see on the right that I have swapped out the painting table and added a poll. Please let me know which army you personally run with ( if you have one ) or which ones you had the most fun playing against. This army is going to be created purely for the fun of building, painting and playing so you dont have to factor in the most "Killer Combo". Also, don't feel that you are restricted to that poll. Let me have it! Lets get a good conversation started on this post and hash it out once and for all.

Thank you in advance for your input


  1. If you are worried about the cost of plague marines, just make your own out of tactical marines or chaos marines. I did this and have some photos over on my blog. It was pretty easy, and I was very pleased with the results. Basically just take a roll of green stuff and make a lot of tiny balls with it. Place the balls all over the mini, and pull the edges of the balls flat towards the armor. I had never worked with green stuff prior to this.

    Also, chaos marines can worship whomever they like, so do as you please! If you want a nurgle army just go for it.

  2. I'd go with the generic chaos troops. With a snazzy paint job and a mod here and there you can make them represent just about any chaos faction. Just have your squads tote around whomever's banner trips your trigger.