Sunday, November 1, 2009

How 40K killed video games for me

I think I am finally over video games. I was quite the addict in my younger years. I used to play all the time. Every bit of information, every kernel of rumor, every trailer, article and website I was there.

However, a co-worker asked me what new game I am most looking forward too this Christmas and I couldn't honestly answer. The 360 Space Marine game looks cool and I play the odd game of a Dawn of War and Dawn of War II but I just cant get excited like I used to. Now its all 40k. I check FTW and BoLS daily ( if not hourly) and my co workers and I talk about army lists, character builds and battle reports constantly.

I think the thing that did it for me was the actual models. I LOVE to paint, mod and build and it always gives me a sense of accomplishment regardless of what I've done. You just cant get that in a video game. Yeah, you can beat a game but what do you have to show for it? Its all ephemeral, a one shot of gratification that you can't replicate. You could go back over the game and try to get all of the achievements but still, at the end of the day, you are left with a beaten game. One could argue thats the same feeling you get when painting a model but at the end of the day you have... well... a model. Painted and ready to go "pewpewpew!" at a friends model. Its all beer and skittles from there on out.

Its that staying power that I have been missing from the modern video game. It all looks like the same thing to me anymore. Its like the yearly sports game: just the same thing with new characters, a few bits and bobs and a new paint job. Underneath it all its still just a FPS, RPG or sandbox game. Wash rinse repeat.

Finally, there is the chance to meet all of you. Joining something this widespread was quite the experience. Everyone that I have talked to so far has been the bees knees and have yet to come across a really negative comment/person. Now I may have just been lucky so far and there is some forum troll out there waiting to pee in my Cheerios® but until then heres to you 40K gaming community! May your dice never go round!


  1. Wow, that is almost the exact same thing that happened to me! I used to be a junkie but now I have games like Fallout 3 and King's Bounty just sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Dragon Age? Pssht- need to finish the Guard!

  2. You'll get back into videogames don't worry. I know how you feel, I alternate between hobbies and when I move onto something I tend to totally forget about the other - it's as if it means nothing to me anymore.

    Then a couple of months pass and I find myself neglecting 40K ;)

  3. @tahrikmili you are probably right. I have been known to be flighty at times so there is probably a new shiny game in the future that will make me (DoW II expansion anyone?)