Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chaos Cookies

Hello all!
The polls are in and ..... one... person ... voted. I guess that teaches me that I should build a stronger viewer base before I go asking for public opinion ;) . The thing is that I know for a fact that the one person who voted is none other than my good friend and gaming group buddy Chaos Tad ( CT from here on out )

CT runs runs a chaos undivided army with a lean towards Tzeentch. He has just come over to the world of 40K and while is still a little short on models to really field what he wants he is making a marked improvement every time that we play.

I have just realized its been a while since I have posted. Quite a bit has happened but I still don't have much of a camera so I am afraid no pics of a decent quality. I am about 2 tanks away from getting my 1500 pt army completely finished. I have the base coat down on my Punisher and am touching up the paint on a Russ that I did a loooooong time ago. Everything else has been quickshaded and Tim has been touched up to actually match my army.

We got together and had a game today too which was good. I am still working on how I want to do my Bat - Reps ( a separate blog on that later ) but here are some highlights:

1) Made a new friend and gaming buddy by the name of Keith
- Keith is going to be our 'Nid player and has a handful of SMs that he ran with today
- He is also very good at making 6+ cover saves
2) We ran a seize ground mission with 5 whole points!
- We usually only see 3... being dead serious. We have been playing for over a year now
3) I am still getting used to the truncated range of the "Heavy" russ
- Just not used to that 24" that you get with the Punisher and Demolisher
4) I am never going to underestimate vets with krak grenades again
5) CT got a new rhino!
- It got blown up first turn!
- Valkyries are very fast :(

And there you have it. Thats about as comprehensive as you are going to get with 3 hours of sleep. I will have more posts to follow in regards to this new heavy russ and a little something on mathhammer

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