Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photo Dump III

Hey Everyone,

Not much to post as the way of progress. This weekend marks the 2nd anniversary to my beautiful wife Lindsey. However, I was able to get some game time in on Friday. It was as pretty low attendance so Necron Darrell, Chaos Tad and I decided to run the 3 player mission in the back of the big rule book. We called it the Chaos Company Picnic, enjoy:

3 HQ's eying the last of the potato salad before all hell breaks loose

As you can see here Darrell brought the Korne (see what I did there... its a picnic... yeah)

I brought the cheese ( more on that later)

Tad brought the cool ranch

Nothing really happened here

There was dancing...

The Chaos Conga... yes that's me cheesing 2 victory points

The guardians of soda


A neat shot of Tad's defiler

My rhino must be possessed with a spirit of an old sheep dog because it usually ends up herding Darrell's bloodletters around

There is where I forgot to declare my charge.. needless to say it didn't end well

One of Darrell's new Deamon princes

Finally, what Darrell thought of Tad's 1k sons

Have a good one,


  1. Those 1000 sons definitely deserved that fist bump after taking down two deamon princes. You should of thrown up the photo of Darrell telling them they're number 1.

  2. Yeeeeeah, while I would like to do that I dont think the friendly folks at FTW would appreciate it.