Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tournament Results are IN! ( a word on customer service)

I went to my first tournament this last weekend and I have to say that I was really impressed with my record. I DIDN’T LOSE ONCE! Yup, you read right, I didn’t lose a darn match. I can owe this all to the fact that I didn’t get to play.

Words couldn’t properly bookend the frustration that I had on Saturday morning. Inquisitor Sterling, Blood Angels Aaron and I all went to the LGS only to be advised that they had already gotten 20 people for the tourney and they didn’t have room. They then went on to say that they normally set up tables outside but seeing as how it was freezing cold and snowy that wasn’t practical. This brings me to the buzz word of my post “Customer Service”

Now, I can understand having a popular event. More people = more income = better store (hopefully), I’m fine with that. But when I come in earlier that week to make sure that there wasn’t anything special that I needed to do and totally re arrange my sleep schedule so that I am able to attend only to be turned away because they didn’t expect that kind of turn out… I get peeved. On top of this, while I was trying to show off my army to the store owner who had given me a few pointers in the past about painting somehow the searchlights on my chimeras got caught on my carrying case and was sheared off at the base. Not a good day for yours truly.

Enter LGS #2. This is where I shall be doing my business from here on out. While a considerably farther away they have access to a major thoroughfare so the drive time is comparable. The stock is better, the store is cleaner, better organized and the shop owner will talk to you for hours about the hobby if he isn’t busy. Also, it turns out that #2 holds tournaments as well I just didn’t know about their scheduling BBS (that’s right, they actually set these suckers up online). While they do tend to run a few dollars more for their product you get what you pay for.

Now that I got that out of my system on the creative front I have just started playing with Green Stuff and man am I having a blast. I am converting some Rhinos over to the dark side and am super pleased with the result. I will try to post some pics when I get home.

Have a good one,

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