Sunday, February 14, 2010

From the Work Bench III

Good morning everyone, I have some new pictures to share

First off I fleshed out my Predator a little more... literally, it has more flesh on it

The sponsons are starting to come along pretty well too, they really help to add a coherent look to the tank

Next up we have a familiar I made for my Chaos Sorcerer out of green stuff.

Here we have my Nurgle Prince with wings that I got from Su-Bak-Na. A figure from the heroscape range.

As you can see here I have a little more work to do. I am either going to try my hand at skin or fall back to pustules when the putty dries

And finally I tried out a paint scheme for my chaos troops but it just isn't doing anything for me. More's the pitty as I was wanting to do a corrupted imperial fists. Oh well back to the drawing board. As always questions and comments are always appreciated.

Have a good one,


  1. Creepy, creepy predator... I like it! What tools do you use to sculpt with?

    I think the issue with the marine is that the yellow is very pastel-y, while the Fists are normally shown as a very rich and regal shade.

    Something like Golden Yellow trimmed with Blood Red, the red darkened down a shade perhaps. Metal parts in Tin Bitz as it's not gold but is still fairly similar (but more evil).

  2. @Gotthammer Thank you very much, I used the tip and handle of a flat bladed metal file to get that look. One end is a small rectangle good for the hard to reach places and the other is a small circle that I prefer to use for the open areas (both have a nice "no slip grip" texture).

    As for the paint scheme I think you're right. I was trying to wet blend golden yellow with sunburst yellow around the edges to give it a highlighted look. I will give it another shot just with the Golden Yellow like you said. However, after you mentioned Tin Bitz and Gold I think I may try something a little different. Something a little more metallic.

    @Lantz Thanks guy, I think I have enough put together now that I can play as Chaos this Friday